About Martha


While a lot of my experience is in adolescent and family counseling within the school system, my heart is to serve anyone that walks through my door. I hope to create a safe, trusting place for you to know you can share your struggles in an authentic and raw, and productive space. My heart is to serve you in a holistic way and I desire to give equal attention to the past, present, and future. I tend to lean towards a cognitive behavioral approach with a lot of grace thrown in. It’s an honor to sit in the mess with you but then empower and equip you with the skills and coping mechanisms to climb your way out.  I have experience working with young couples and families teaching communication skills that will allow you to healthily navigate conflict and communication differences. I do not believe in an “it’s too late” mentality and I believe redemption can happen at any time, at any age, and despite any wound. 

My hope is to equip you with as many coping mechanisms in order to manage your conflicts and build resiliency. I consider it an honor to be a part of your story.